All About Bikes

All About Bikes

What do we need in bikes? Frankly speaking, almost everyone of us at first thinks about the mileage the bikes offer and then we take a look at the cc or the pick up what we call it. But there are a few things one must also have a look at a few specs in bikes, Lets talk about that specs.

The first thing we are going to talk about is knowing for what purpose is the rider buying the bike for, some people need a bike for their small day to day working tours while for some bike is only a social status to be diffrenciated among the society, for some it is a means to travel and explore the world etc. So first get to now for what the bike will be used for.

Also including the physique of bike the physique of rider must also be taken under consideration If you are a regular rider and are going to use the bike for office purpose and all, you must try buying a non gear or a commuter bike rather than buying heavy sports bike as the first thing we require is mileage.

If you are a bike lover and want to own a bike which would differenciate you among ohers and want some of the social status try a naked sports bikes which currently are rocking the bike market. The specs you guys need to take a look are the mileage, Quite good pickup, and the sleek body which would give you comfort and you wont need to waste any energy on balancing the bikes. If you are a heavy rider and go on long tours, I personally would recommend cruiser bikes for you and yes these bikes offer a great mileage for constant long rides. aslo sport bikes are great option for you as these bikes offer the same milege property as cruiser bikes.

Now talking about the most of the bike owners in the bikes market, youngsters and students. Though a commuter or a scooter is enough for a college student but now in the world bike defines your social status and differenciates you among other students. Bikes with good body design which stands out among other bikes and also offer a medium mileage like the commuter bikes and has some qualities like spor bikes are the naked sport bikes. And yes currently the naked sport bikes are the most selling bikes in bikes market. else the choice is yours. Just one thing i’d personally recommend is to ride safely.