Ideas for a Stag Weekend in Spain

Before the big wedding day, you owe it to your old bachelor self to participate in a stag do with all of your best mates. What better place to celebrate a stag do than in the historical and magical Kingdom of Spain? Depending on the type of stag do you want to have you can choose to keep it mellow and loose, or you can party on your last night as a single man. For a relaxed Mediterranean vibe, the sun-soaked city of Marbella offers a lucrative nightclub scene and many seaside activities such as party cruises, power boat rides, beach olympics among many other exciting activities. If being by the sea is not your cup of tea, there are also waterparks to provide a similar experience (and with slides). The stag do could begin in the morning on a private cruise and not end until after midnight in a nightclub dishing out the VIP experience, and the next day a water park and bar crawl with friends – this truly is according to your design.

For those more interested in a night on the town and exploring the nightlight Spain has to offer, the time to go out is between midnight and four in the morning. This leaves lot of time beforehand to go club hopping and find a place who can accomodate a VIP experience for the soon-to-be married. Cities like Madrid and Barcelona have a thriving nightlife, and they have something for everyone ranging from techno and electronic music, to underground rock. Madrid also has many competitions to choose from for those who have a bit of a competitive edge such as the beerfest experience, paintballing, mud wrestling, and bubble football. If you and your friends are down to do a little driving, then why limit the number of cities you go to? An all-out excursion to explore across Spain for a weekend could be the perfect sending off gift before the honeymoon.

July 2022